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Catalyst Psychiatry provides psychiatry services include Counseling, Deep TMS, Medication Management, Psychiatric Diagnosis & Treatment, Psychotherapy, and Genesight in Corvallis, OR.


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Counseling differs from psychotherapy as it is a relatively brief treatment (6-8 weeks) which focuses on one specific problem or behavior. The focus can range from interpersonal problems with a particular individual to problems with insomnia or improving detrimental health habits such as weight gain or smoking. This type of intervention is more focused on how to improve a specific situation than talking about how you feel about the situation.

In this type of therapy, the focus is just on the problem at hand and we don’t typically delve into a person’s underlying history or subconscious drives or desires that might be contributing to the current problem. It is solution focused and can be directive. It often includes homework such as journaling, tracking, behavioral change and improving mindfulness.

Counseling is often part of medication appointments with your doctor whereby a specific issue might be brought up and potential interventions are suggested and discussed.

Insurance plans accepted

We are a participating provider (aka ‘in-network’) with the following insurance companies. If you have questions regarding billing, please call the office during normal business hours. At this time we are closed to Medicare, Medicare advantage plans and Oregon Health Plan.

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